• Torrent is one of the most popular tool for downloading movies and other videos.
  • But the problem with the torrent is that many of the links provided are fake, which is quite difficult to identify.
  • Some of the torrents come with sample video quality where you can check video quality, and download it, if it satisfies you.

But what about rest?? I mean those torrents that don not come with any sample! How will you identify between fake and genuine torrent. For that I’m going to give you a small trick that works well in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

TS(Torrent Stream) magic plays torrents online in the original quality without downloading.

Downloading TS magic player:
  • Now install browser plug in
  • Open torrent URL
  • Now you will see an option to play online
  • If not then right click on “Download torrent link” and select “View Torrent Online

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